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Kika Emoji Keyboard Pro is a keyboard app to customize every aspect of your smartphone typing experience. This includes the most superficial bits, like the visual theme, and the more practical ones, like adjusting the size of the keyboard so it's just how you like it.

From the main menu in Kika Emoji Keyboard Pro you have access to tons of different themes you can download with just one tap. In seconds, you can completely change your keyboard's style. In addition to the different themes, you can also download and use loads of emojis, stickers, and even new fonts.

You can do all this within the app's main menu, or from the keyboard itself. Just tap the top right corner of the keyboard to open the menu where you can manage the clipboard, quickly change the look of the keyboard, and many other options.

Kika Emoji Keyboard Pro, like most modern keyboards, also comes with autocomplete, autocorrect, autocapitalization, phrase predictions, and an option to insert text in the form of pictures and emoticons.
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